Thoughts about the concept

Thoughts about the concept

 What are the main benefits of the TiksPac concept?

  • The environmental aspect. The fact that the green spaces are kept clean and tidy.

  • It’s a clever, cheap way to get dog owners to clean up after themselves.

  • The fact it doesn’t cost the local authority anything. TiksPac dog waste bags represent added value for local people.

  • The fact that public spaces are cleaner.

  • It’s a win-win concept: the public and the local authority get free dog waste bags.


What reactions have you received from dog owners?

  • There’s been a very good response from the dog owners. They appreciate the TiksPac dispenser stations being there and that waste bags are provided.

  • It’s handy to have access to dog waste bags if they’ve left their own ones at home!

  • Many people would like there to be more TiksPac dispenser stations with dog waste bags.

  • They are really pleased with them. They complain when other people don’t pick up their dogs’ waste and seem to have become more aware of the problem.

  • They are really pleased that free dog waste bags are provided. The area stays nice and tidy and the system works well!