Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy

The partnership with Keep Britain Tidy…

As an exclusive partner of Keep Britain Tidy, TiksPac now has the opportunity of taking part in the organisation’s campaigns and becoming part of their network, the sole representative of our industry to do so.

The company management sees this partnership as an important platform for our expansion in the UK, as the efforts of Keep Britain Tidy and those of TiksPac for a better and cleaner environment are fully consistent in terms of their ideas and vision.

Join the TiksPac trial – offered exclusively to Network Members

Keep Britian Tidy’s new affiliate partner, TiksPac, are offering a great opportunity for network members to participate in this exciting trial, free of charge.
In 2001 TiksPac launched a solution to the cleanliness and wellbeing issue of dog fouling, which affects the majority of landowners, local authorities and caretakers. The solution involves installing TiksPac stations with freely available dog waste bags, all of which comes completely free of charge to members.
TiksPacs income comes from sales of media spots which currently cultivates the markets in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and now also the UK. The aim of this product is that it will eventually be funded by the selling of sponsorship to local businesses, so that there is no cost to local authorities.

How does it work…?

  1. The stations are installed at strategic locations
  2. At TiksPac stations, dog owners can collect free dog waste bags
  3. Access to free dog waste bags provides dog owners who have either forgotten or never bothered to take along their own bags a reminder to pick up after their dogs
  4. At the same time, the local authorities and other users of the TiksPac concept gain an opportunity to turn negative attitudes into something positive.
  5. TiksPac dog waste bags are biodegradable in accordance with European Standard EN-13432
  6. Up to five TiksPac-stations, including TiksPac dog waste bags, are trialled for a period of two months.
  7. You can brand the TiksPac station(s) with your own logo.
  8. During the trial you will have responsibility for installing and maintaining the TicsPac station, however this will require minimal effort and full guidance will be provided.
  9. Most importantly, all TiksPac stations and bags will be delivered to you totally free of charge!

So far, the concept has been very well received by the general public, partners and sponsors. It’s making a real difference, ensuring that the surrounding environment becomes cleaner and that attitudes towards littering change for the better.

Keep Britain Tidy

TiksPac has 14 years’ worth of experience. If you do have questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on