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Campaign to clear Fife of dog fouling

Campaign to clear Fife of dog fouling

Fife Council have signed up with international waste specialists, TiksPac, to provide dog owners with access to free dog waste bags at 35 dispensers across Fife.  The dispensers hold 100% compostable and biodegradable dog waste bags that are free and accessible to the public.  The initiative is aimed at those who have not brought sufficient bags,or have forgotten to bring dog bags with them.

Dog owners have a legal duty to clean up every time their dog fouls in a public place, however complaints in this area remain high.  Surveys carried out by Fife Council consistently highlight that dealing with dog fouling is something that Fife residents feel very strongly about. The Parks, Streets & Open Spaces Service are continually looking at new initiatives, which may help reduce dog fouling across the area and provide clean public spaces for residents.

The TiksPac concept is sponsored by local businesses who gain exposure for their brand and simultaneously display their commitment to the community and their belief in corporate social responsibility.

TiksPac’s Julie Cook, said: “Numerous studies show that people are more likely to drop litter in areas where there are already high volumes of waste, including dog waste. Conversely, where litter levels are low, people are more likely to dispose of all types of waste responsibly.

“The TiksPac approach is designed to save local authorities time and money as volumes of dog waste and litter decrease. But most importantly, we see this as the first step towards creating a safer, cleaner community”.

Councillor Ross Vettraino, Convener of the Environment Protective Services & Community Safety Committee, said: “Fife Council is working with TiksPac to provide free dog bags in our major public parks, and there is no cost to Fife Council for this initiative.”

“The problem of dog fouling is a concern throughout Fife. It is not only a nuisance but also a potential danger and health threat. Fife Council is committed to promoting responsible dog ownership and reducing dog fouling.”

“Fife is beautiful. The Council wants to keep it that way and is working hard to improve the quality of life for every community. This is one of the ways that people are encouraged to “bag it and bin it. Fife Council is also running its ‘Just bin it’ campaign, where people and dog owners are asked not to drop litter and to tidy up after their pets.”

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