RENT – Nicer for all

RENT – Nicer for all

RENT for property owner

More satisfied customers and tenants.
Let your brand be part of the work for a cleaner environment in your city or city. By displaying your logo at TiksPac stations, the brand will be associated with environmental care.

Lease  TiksPac stations, a win-win concept for all

Property owners, housing associations, camp grounds and hotels, for example, lease TiksPac stations.
The stations are placed out in your area for the convenience of dog owners, and at the same time, showcase your brand.
A TiksPac station with free dog waste bags encourages dog owner to pick up after their dogs.
The stations result in cleaner green areas, playgrounds, sandboxes and paths. A cleaner environment and the benefits of the stations are appreciated by all.

How the lease agreement works:

– Tikspac supplies the stations along with the associated free dog waste bags
– The stations are mounted on existing posts or walls
– 2,500 bags per station are provided each year
– TiksPac makes any necessary repairs free of charge
– Information sheets accompany delivery

Contact our representative, David Parker and he’ll tell you more!

David Parker

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