TiksPac must stand for high ethical and moral values. This is true both in its own activities and in its relations with others.

For TiksPac, high ethical and moral values mean the following: 

  • Acting with integrity towards others: i.e. fellow employees, partners, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.
  • TiksPac staff should not be involved in anything that might be to the detriment of the company or its employees.
  • All employees of TiksPac must maintain high ethical standards at all times. This includes being straightforward and honest.
  • All employees of TiksPac must always differentiate between their private interests and those of the company, so that conflicts of interest can be avoided.
  • Confidential information about the company must not be disclosed to others.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual employee (regardless of position) and member of the board to counteract actions and conduct liable to undermine trust in TiksPac.
  • It is the duty of all of us, at whatever level in TiksPac, to treat each other with respect.


TiksPac shall continuously develop products and services in accordance with customer needs. This is so that we can retain and strengthen the trust shown in us by our customers.

TiksPac achieves this by:

  • Focusing on the customer and satisfying customer needs and demands in the best possible manner.
  • Establishing long-term customer relationships by means of open and direct communication.
  • Working together with dedicated and highly skilled employees.
  • Completing assignments on time and to the highest quality.
  • Always resolving customers’ problems so that each project can serve as a good reference.
  • Creating good cooperation which provides added value for all involved.