About TiksPac

TiksPac is an international company with a market-leading concept within Europe for clean public spaces.
TiksPac wants to bring about the kind of involvement which will help all of us create a cleaner environment in a sustainable society. Everyone can be involved and everyone can contribute.

Turning an idea into reality

Stig-Arne Mårtensson, founder of TiksPac, moved from the big city to the idyllic small community of Falkenberg in Sweden in 2001. While taking walks with his dog Smilla, he soon discovered that many people were not picking up after their dogs – a first impression that was not especially positive.

Stig-Arne wanted to do something about this problem, and he came up with the TiksPac concept encompassing both TiksPac stations and TiksPac dog waste bags. The TiksPac station is a dispenser station with dog waste bags located along popular public walking routes.

The concept is free for local authorities, but they are responsible for ensuring that there are always bags available at each TiksPac station. The concept is sponsored by businesses which have their logo on display, thereby supporting efforts to improve the local environment at the same time as showing their CSR commitment.