Our Vision: Cleaner Public Spaces

TiksPac UK: Keeping Your City Clean

Keep clean close to you with degradable environmental bags from TiksPac


60% cleaner with TiksPac

Our stations with degradable environmental bags on municipal land are financed by local, environmentally aware companies that want to be seen in a positive context.

The option of renting your own station with optional design is also popular as you have the opportunity to communicate with their stakeholders and facilitate their everyday life.

In order to perfect the sanitation , we have developed the world’s best dog slate – TiksCan! Totally closed, with no lid.

Together we help to create a cleaner planet!

For Councils

We provide councils with stations and degradable dog bags. Together with local companies and thankful residents, we keep the city clean.

For Companies

Sponsor the municipality concept, rent or buy our products. Whichever, it will be 60% cleaner!

For Dog Owners

Here you can get information about our bags and our packed dog app – DogPal. You also have the opportunity to influence your municipality to acquire more stations.


Local Authorities


Million Environmental Bags Per Year!

Strengthen Your Brand!

Let your brand be part of cleaning up the environment by displaying your logo on Tikspac stations.

Environmentally Focused

TiksPac partners with organisations that work to bring about a cleaner environment.

TiksPac Products

TiksPac stations with FREE dog waste bags help provide for a cleaner environment

Do Your Part!

9 out of 10 dog owners clean up after their dog. Are you the one who doesn’t?

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